Custom Package - Bilal K. Shareef

The following are the Done-FOR-You services my team and I will be completing on your behalf:

  • PHASE 1 (January 2022) - "Building The Brand" includes:
    • Comprehensive set-up of the Mr. Black Buckhead private FB group (including creation of a custom header image, writing of a strong group description, rules, etc)
    • Complete set-up and integration of Group Leads (FB group automation software) to your group and to your MailChimp account (for lead collection as soon as members sign up within a Google doc)
    • Creating a CONTENT CALENDAR with a rotation of the types of posts that will maximize group engagement and encourage member retention (Delivered via PDF
    • (1) 90-minute recorded ZOOM on-boarding call with your new "Facebook Group Community Manager" to discuss group features, expectations and content calendar 
  • PHASE 2 (February 2022) - "Launching The Brand" (target launch date for FB Group is Feb. 1st) includes:
    • Creation of a LANDING PAGE (within MailChimp) with a link to your Facebook group. (Why? You cannot run ads directly to a group, but you can run ads to a page with a button for joining the group.)
    • Creation and management of a Facebook ads campaign aimed at growing your group membership more rapidly!  This campaign will require an ads spend of at least $10/day ($20/day if possible, but not necessary). 
    • Creation and management of a Facebook ads campaign aimed at increasing attendance at the Mr. Black Buckhead launch party This campaign will require an ads spend of at least $25/day only for the 7-10 days leading up to the launch party event.
    • (2) 45-minute "Check-In" ZOOM calls with new "Facebook Group Community Manager" (Bi-weekly calls)
    • Sending a weekly email update with data and insights about group growth and ad campaign results this month
  • PHASE 3 (March 2022) - "Preparing To Monetize The Brand" includes:
    • Creation of a second LANDING PAGE (within MailChimp) with a lead generation focus.  This page will require an email address in exchange for access to the new "Black Buckhead" virtual business directory (VBD). ***I strongly suggest that beginning in January 2022, you employ someone who will start collecting info about potential businesses for this directory!  By March 1st, I will need a list of businesses ready-to-go for the directory.  My pricing does NOT include this task.  Info about businesses for the virtual directory will need to be provided to me and my team via Google doc.***
    • Graphic design of the actual virtual business directory (VBD) --- which will be delivered as a PDF to anyone who signs up on our above-mentioned landing page.
    • Creation and set-up of the needed "Welcome" email automation to deliver the VBD to subscribers.
    • Creation of a content marketing calendar with a specific sequence of posts that should be used within the group in the 14 days leading up to the release of the VBD virtual business directory (in late March).  
    • Creation of (6) branded graphics to use in advertising the VBD in the group and elsewhere (such as your personal FB page and IG pages)
    • (1) 90-minute recorded ZOOM DEBREIF call with you and your new "Facebook Group Community Manager" to discuss what's next --- and how to continue the momentum and group growth moving forward without me.