Are you an E-Commerce BEAUTY BRAND tired of wasting money on Facebook Ads?  You're in the right place, Luv.  Even if you have no idea where to start with FB ads, here's how I can help you...

Created just for E-commerce beauty brand founders, here you'll get access to exclusive content and trainings from me on a regular basis which will help you DIY your Facebook ads management.  From campaign audits to exclusive LIVE Q&A sessions, I'll teach you how to effectively use Facebook ads to increase your online sales revenue no matter where you are in your beauty business right now. 

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 I work One-On-One with a limited number of ambitious beauty bosses looking to 2xs their online sales through paid advertising.  As a former E-Commerce beauty brand founder myself (my custom lipstick line was even featured in ESSENCE), I'm super passionate about making sure you don't make the same mistakes I did when it comes to FB (and IG ads).  Together we can cut through the confusion, and set you up with the skills and strategy you need --- so you'll never waste money on Facebook ads again!

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Creating scroll-stopping Facebook and Instagram Ads GRAPHICS and writing high-converting ads COPY can be a struggle That's why I founded ROL Graphics! If you're a busy E-Commerce Beauty Boss who either: 1) doesn't have the time to create graphics and copy for your next campaign, or 2) is unsure of what makes a winning  graphic or captivating copy, why not let my team and I create them FOR you??? 

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Rae Of Light Digital, LLC

“I didn't even know what a SALES FUNNEL was at first! But then Aleah Rae and her team created an amazing E-book, landing page, and "Welcome" email to attract clients to my business. Then, she set up Facebook Ads that led to me growing my e-mail list from 6 subscribers to 294 subscribers ... in less than a week! Working with Aleah Rae, gave me the guidance I'd been looking for to reach my most important business goals. For the first time as a hair stylist, I didn't feel alone in my business, and I started to see all my goals really ARE attainable.”

Founder, On The Runnn and Girl Next Door Hair

Rae Of Light Digital, LLC

“I’ve run Facebook ads on my own before with little to no results so I was a tad skeptical that it would work this time around even with Aleah Rae's help. Not only did she get my ads up and running, but she analyzed other areas of my business and gave great suggestions and feedback for improving my mailing list, online presence and repurposing content. My email list grew from around 150 subscribers to just under 400 in less than 2 months just spending $5 a day on ads. Aleah is a gem. Very professional and kind and goes above and beyond to ensure her client’s needs are met. If she has an idea to help your business thrive, she’ll gladly share it.”

Founder, PRMP Beauty and Brow Zhuzh

Rae Of Light Digital, LLC

“I loved my experience working with Aleah Rae and the Rae Of Light Team from our very first consultation call. Aleah first helped educate me on what Facebook ads were and how they can help me with my business. The team created beautiful custom ads for my business and communicated with me every step of the way. I definitely would hire them again in the future. [...] My biggest win was reaching more people who I never would have met before!”

Founder, Clawfoot & Fire

Rae Of Light Digital, LLC

“From my Discovery Call, I loved that Aleah Rae offered insight into what MY business needed. She planned a successful virtual [Pop-Up shop] event. I loved that all I had to do was show up. She engaged my customer in the comment section and made sure they had the information needed to make a purchase. The biggest win after working with Rae Of Light was the SALES and ENAGEMENT.”

Founder, Fly Nerd Apparel

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